Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tori Comes by to help out and pick up the Demo Bikes

Tori B from Trek, recently back from her 3 week vacation to Costa Rica came back on Friday to impart her wisdom to ECBS and to sadly pick up the cool Trek/Gary Fisher Demo bikes she had lent to us.

With the new year Tori will be touring the Western US for Trek, spreading the word of the great bikes and people from Trek Bicycles. At our shop Tori spent a day working with us and our customers. Tori worked with new hire Robin, talking about WSD bikes, clothing and equipment.

With Tori help, ECBS hopes to have several new event in 2009, including Ladies Night, new Bike Demos.

It’s the end of an era - team Trek-Volkswagen will not continue in 2009, forcing dozens of racers and team managers to scramble for new sponsors, according to VeloNews. Trek says the decision came after Volkswagen decided cut its involvement with the team making it impossible for Trek to finance on its own.

This has impacted Tori as well as her cool VW that pulls her trailer of bikes will need to be replaced. Who knows what kind of truck she will come back with...

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