Friday, January 16, 2009

Is riding a moutain bike the way to see the most of Stage 8?

Andy has a good way to see a lot of the race with a mountain bike...

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If you think that the MTB idea is worth exploring, here's my thoughts.

I would plan to watch the race at "collarbone corner" (the last U-curve on South Grade); this offers a couple of advantages:

1. Climbing 50ft up a trail gives access to State Park Road and a panoramic view of South Grade; you can watch the riders coming up, then go back down to watch them up close.

2. Mothers Kitchen & restrooms are walking distance and accessible via State Park Rd.

3. At any time after the race goes by (not dictated by crowds or CHP) you can go back up the trail, ride a few miles to the park and down the Nate and watch the whole thing again from Cole Grade.

Check it out on Google Earth, let me know what you think.


If you are going to do this, a hardtail 29ER would be the way to go...

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