Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chris Says we can still complete "Party Swamis"

From: chris evertsen []
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 8:06 AM
Subject: RE: [swamis] TofC and CHP trying to rain on "Party Swamis"

We can do it, we been there (sort of) and know how fast the caravan goes through.

Agreed though that going down south grade could be congested, but it is the direction most people will be going.

Ride notes;

At an estimated average MPH of 26:

  • Leader expected at the top of south grade at 1:39pm
  • On 76, not expected to cross south grade until 2:27pm (50 minute to do a 10 minute descent at speed…)
  • Leaders reach Valley Center intersection at 2:39pm and continue to the most underrated climbs of the stage Nate Harrison and Cole Grade
  • Leaders turn back onto Wolford (Date rd) at 3:26pm (gives us 45 minutes to travel less than half the distance with NO climbs)

To me it actually suggests being able to see riders at 3 points; where we chose on South Grade, at 76 and Valley Center Rd or base of South Grade and 76, and at the finish

Lastly, even if we do get stopped at the base of South Grade we can still get back out in front of the tour as they go up Cole Grade and we short cut through valley center and wolford (reverse)

  • Rider time from 76 and South Grade to Date st. 59 minutes

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