Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final details of Lance's bike

Here are the details of Lance's bike from Trek Bike -

........Lance Armstrong's Tour Down Under bike is a stock Madone red series carbon frame with a full custom paint job. Although the bike went from a twinkle in the designer's eye to painted and built in less then a full week there was nothing easy about it. It took over 30 hours to paint the bike, not including curing time, that is strictly airbrush gun in the painter's hand pointed it at the frame...... Everything on the bike was painted in house at Trek by one of our Project One painters. There are no decals on the bike, the bike is 100% paint! When you see it up close it really is a site to behold, knowing that it was hand done makes it even more incredible.

Getting the bike to Lance has been an adventure in and of itself, delays, shipping mishaps, changed flight plans, canceled flights, driving in the snow, running through the airport.....and finally handing it off to Lance.......

Click here for the rest of the story, complete with cool pictures

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