Monday, February 2, 2009

More info for Party Swamis - Keep it Coming

It is becoming clear that Swamis is connected. Several of you are calling, emailing me info about Stage 8. Here is the latest I have been told.
  • There will be a Jumbotron TV on the top of Palomar Mtn for all on the mountain to watch the race
  • For those of you that are looking to use Nate Harrison Grade & State Park Rd to get up and down the mountain they will stay open all day on Sunday 2/22
  • Andy Green and his posse of mtn bikers, seems to have the best understanding of the possibilities of using the back roads of Palomar Mtn to get the most of seeing the KOM. Email him if you want more info.
  • Tour planners have an alternative route for the race if Palomar Mtn has snow or ice on the roads. Alternative route is not known
  • We have confirmation that the finish sprint has been changed and Party Swamis is right there. The finish will go right down Escondido Blvd in front of Party Swamis at the Center for the Arts.
Swamis/FOS keep those rumors/info coming - Email me if you know anything

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